Dr Mark Alexander-Williams

Consultant Anaesthetist Specialising in Pain Medicine
Instruct Dr Mark Alexander-Williams

Medico Legal Expertise

Dr Mark Alexander-Williams is a Consultant Anaesthetist specialising in Pain Medicine and he has been providing medico legal reports since 2012. Dr Alexander-Williams works to a report turnaround time of 4-6 weeks and offers home visits out of hours and on weekends as part of his medico legal service.

Dr Alexander-Williams prepares approximately 200 reports per year for Court on instruction for both Claimant/Defendant 60:40. He has extensive experience in the medico legal arena and has made several Court appearances. He has also attended 4 medico legal conferences in the last 3 years.

Clinical Expertise

Dr Mark Alexander-Williams specialises in pain management, especially on Chronic Pain Syndromes, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, spinal pain, neuropathic pain and headache.


  • Secretary of the medico legal special interest group of the British Pain Society
  • Presented a poster on eight years out of last twelve at the British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University


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