Jane Bennett

Instruct Jane Bennett


Jane Bennett has been a qualified solicitor for over 20 years.  For 16 years Jane has been specialising in vulnerable client work, and is fully accredited by Solicitors for the Elderly.  She now acts as professional deputy (sitting on the National Panel of Professional Deputies) for more than 75 vulnerable clients, with a number of other appointments pending.

In a number of cases Jane also acts as professional trustee for individuals with spinal cord and or cerebral palsy related injuries.

As an expert Jane prepares reports in catastrophic personal injury claims for both Claimant and Defendant firms, with a 30:70 ratio.

Jane frequently attends Court and gives evidence in catastrophic injury claims.  She has an interest in the development of case law in this field, in particular the effects of recent important cases on how professional deputies cost their work.

Jane is being retained at an increasingly early stage in many high value and complex cases, providing assistance in the management of deputyship costs from the outset.

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