Dr David Aviram

BSc, MSc (Structural Design), PhD (Heat Transfer) 

Maritime/ Engineering 

Instruct Dr David Aviram
David Aviram

Expert Witness Experience

David is a structural engineer with experience in aerospace, civil, marine and offshore industries. He has attended Bond Solon training and is instructed by claimants and defendants on maritime and engineering cases. 

Maritime and Engineering Experience

David has over 22 years’ experience as a structural engineer and currently works at Geodome Ltd, a company he founded in Kingston-upon-Thames. He continues to develop new innovative solutions some of which include the Wimbledon Centre Court moving roof, modular dome construction, maritime accident investigation and offshore wind turbine foundations. 


He specialises in finite element analysis (implicit and explicit) and computational fluid dynamics simulations. 

Venues for Appointments

  • David will make site visits where necessary.


To instruct David or for more information, please email enquiries@mlas.co.uk or call 01142455423.

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