Dr Jeremy Axon

Consultant in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Instruct Dr Jeremy Axon


Dr Jeremy Axon trained at the old Charing Cross Hospital from 1979-1984 in Hammersmith. His interest in Rheumatology started with sports injuries. This was more the diagnosis and medical treatment as opposed to the Orthopaedic approach which luckily is rarely needed. Most respond to Physiotherapy and occasional steroid/cortisone injection.


Dr Axon spent 2 years at the General Hospital in Romford as an SHO. This was followed by 2 years at the Central Middlesex Hospital as a registrar in Rheumatology and the Gastroenterology. As a registrar, he was in charge of the medical emergencies in A & E as well as the wards. He was then a research registrar at St Barts Hospital in central London again for 2 years and was involved in research looking at the causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as links with the gut

Dr Axon completed my training as a senior registrar at Oxford at the Nuffield Orthopaedic hospital. Here he worked closely with all the Orthopaedic surgeons and soon learnt what they could do and what stayed with the Rheumatologist.

Current Post

In 1994, Dr Axon was appointed as a consultant Rheumatologist at Welwyn Garden City which was single handed. He dealt with all in and out patient patients meaning he gained a great deal of experience. He has subsequently linked up with the Stevenage Trust in North Hertfordshire and now has four other colleagues in a combined department covering a population of 500,000.

Dr Axon’s interest in medico legal cases started with just a few referrals from local solicitors in the early days and has gradually built up over the years. The forensic approach needed helped work out some quite difficult clinical cases. He has now added negligence cases to his work load.

Role of Rheumatology

As it is not unusual to be asked by a patient “what do you do?” Dr Axon see’s a Rheumatologist as a detective. A patient is referred to you by a GP or a hospital colleague with either a local pain or widespread pain. There are over 200 causes of “arthritis” and your role is to look at the potential causes, do the necessary investigations and treat. Some of my patients have been looked after for over 20 years. Therefore condition and prognosis comes naturally to a Rheumatologist. Also causation and effect is dealt with every day in the clinic. As a Rheumatologist you work every day with nurses, physiotherapists. occupational therapists and psychologists because of the chronic nature of some arthritic conditions such as Rheumatoib

Medico Legal Interests

Dr Axon gets a great deal of referrals from legal agencies and solicitors asking about the role of trauma and Fibromyalgia. Again it is an area over 25 years that he has become very experienced in. This also includes the causation of trauma and the onset of inflammatory arthritis and also work related upper limb syndrome. Dr Axon is referred Industrial conditions such as Vibration White Finger as well as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow and now advises on negligence cases for both defendants and claimants.

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