Mr Ian MacKendrick

Chartered Financial Planner
Instruct Mr Ian MacKendrick

Expert Witness Summary

Ian McKendrick has 27 years’ experience as a Chartered Financial Planner and experienced Expert Financial Witness. He is also an associate with SOLLA, a dementia friend and holds the certificate in consumer vulnerability.

Having been involved in many hundreds of cases, acting for the Claimant, Defendant and as a joint Expert, Ian has significant experience in providing expert reports of the highest standard on Pension Loss, Financial Accommodation (Post RvJ), Cost of Financial Advice, advising on the suitability of retaining funds outside of the CFO, Periodical Payments and the financial structure of damages awards. Ian’s clients range from minors to the elderly and include those Claimants suffering brain and spinal injury. Ian is consistently instructed to act as an Expert, with quantum ranging from £50,000 to over £75 million.

Professional Expertise

Ian is regularly invited to lecture and provide training to the OPG, Charities, Case Managers, Law firms, Barristers and their supporting bodies, such as APIL, BABICM and PIBA.

Ian provides you with a free viability check on each matter.


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