Chronology and Pagination Services

With an experienced team, including a non-practising PI lawyer, expert nurses and medical specialists, we are experts in the collation and pagination of medical records.

We work with personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers and medical experts who are involved in medico-legal reporting and so we are acutely aware of the importance of experts being able to provide detailed and accurate medical reports and that preparation from the outset of any litigated case is key.

We offer flexible payment terms, quality check documentation and quick turnarounds.

Services for Solicitors

We provide a number of services including:-

  • Sorting and paginating medical records
  • Identifying crucial missing records
  • Preparing an index to each bundle
  • The preparation of a timeline/summary of key events
  • The collation of a detailed chronology by one of our expert clinicians
  • Securely distribution of encrypted records electronically

Every case we deal with is unique and we will tailor the format of bundles dependent on your instructions. Thanks to our robust internal processes however, we ensure that the finalised bundle which is sent out is capable of being updated if/when further updated medical records become available from the various establishments which have treated the client.


Services for Medical Experts

We understand that it is vital for medical experts to be assured of the accuracy and confidentiality of medical and DWP records with which they are provided. It is also essential that those records are in a format that is easily understood.

We therefore provide a service whereby all individual clients paper records are scanned into PDF format and stored on a secure server. These records can be further organised into sections to suit your style of review. This may be date ordered by speciality, or chronologically across all specialities.

You will be provided with an encrypted file with your records which can be updated as records are released for your supplementary work.

All illegible records will be identified and returned to the instructing party for their information and potential further investigation of records. You will be notified in a timely manner of any delay in record retrieval.

Each expert will have a bespoke service and an identified individual to oversee their records.


We are happy to provide estimates of costs prior to any work being carried out upon request.

Recover our charges

Our charges can be recovered by solicitors as a disbursement and we therefore subsequently provide you with full breakdown of our charges. We also provide you with a detailed file note, setting out the work carried out for you in the event you wish to include our time as part of your profit costs at the conclusion of the case.


Client Feedback

"I originally used a PA who had to combine family duties and a full-time NHS job. When this was no longer feasible I signed up with MLAS. The process was simple. MLAS have filled the void and provide a much more comprehensive service than I enjoyed previously. "
Mr Sean Ward
BDS,MBChB(Hons) FFDRCS, FDSRCS, FRCS, Maxillo Facial Surgeon and Medico Legal Expert
"MLAS was a real find for me. They support every aspect of my business and the quality of their work is second to none. As a busy clinician I appreciate being able to speak to a dedicated administrator who can communicate on my behalf."
Lesley Lappin
MCSP, SRP Chartered Physiotherapist, Pain Management/Rehabilitation Management
"There are many benefits to using this service, not least of which are organising payment, arranging all appointments and generally providing a high-quality service geared to individuals. Thank you MLAS!"
Mr Sean Ward
"I am delighted with the service that MLAS provide. Working with MLAS has resulted in a significant increase in instructions and revenue. What impresses me most is their willingness to go the extra mile, their attention to detail and the excellent customer service. All of this allows my medico-legal practice to run like clockwork."
Dr Neal Edwards
Medico Legal Expert in Musculoskeletal Disease, Pain Management and Anaesthesia
"MLAS have provided me with excellent professional support for my ever growing medico-legal practice. I could not function without this excellent lifeline."
Dr Mark Miller
MB ChB, FRCA, FFPMRCA Pain Consultant and Medico-legal practitioner
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